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Piano Moves

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A dance performance by 3rd Stage Dance Company concentrating on piano studies by composers such as Scolding, Turner, Debussy, Schuman and Sculthorpe.

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3rd Stage Dance Company keeps dancers dancing! Piano Moves is their new project working with two classical pianists concentrating on various piano studies by modern day composers such as Scolding, Turner and Bower and interacting with compositions by Debussy and Schumann, amongst others.

Dancers from 3rd Stage Dance Company come from a variety of backgrounds, all professionally trained. Some of the dancers have a varied life and history as experiences and life events have forced unexpected twists and turns. Their projects and performances help them to identify and re-address who they are bringing close again the feelings and emotions they feel most comfortable with and activities they feel happiest doing, i.e. dancing. 

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Polly Crockett-Robertson

3rd Stage Dance Company

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