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Rhythm for Life: Music Making and Wellbeing Enhancement for Older Adults

The Rhythm for Life project has aimed to enhance wellbeing among older adults through the implementation and evaluation of creative music making initiatives. Run from the Royal College of Music’s (RCM) Centre for Performance Science, the project facilitated music learning opportunities for over 100 adults between 2010 and 2012, all of which were delivered by specially-trained and supported RCM students. Adult learners, aged 50 years and over, participated in free 10-week programmes designed for musical beginners, including one-to-one instrumental lessons in learners’ homes, small-group instrumental lessons in community spaces, and large-group creative music workshops. 

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Piano Moves

A dance performance by 3rd Stage Dance Company concentrating on piano studies by composers such as Scolding, Turner, Debussy, Schuman and Sculthorpe.

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  • National Institute of Health
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