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The International Health Humanities Network provides a global platform for innovative humanities scholars, medical, health and social care professionals, voluntary sector workers and creative practitioners to join forces with informal and family carers, service-users and the wider self-caring public to explore, celebrate and develop new approaches in advancing health and wellbeing through the arts and humanities in hospitals, residential and community settings.

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, this initiative begins a new era in developing the way that arts and humanities knowledge and practice can enhance health and wellbeing.

On this website, members can log the impact of language, literature, history, theology, law, philosophy, visual, performing and multimedia arts, as well as area studies, media and cultural studies, for example, in enhancing the health and wellbeing of society.

Informal carers, service users and the self-caring public are invited to share their ideas of how arts and humanities have benefited them and may benefit others experiencing a particular challenge to their health and wellbeing.

Nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, psychologists, dentists, physiotherapists, social workers, childcare and school workers, alternative and complimentary therapists, as well as those who have traditionally drawn on the arts and humanities such as music therapists, dance and drama therapists, poetry therapists, art therapists, bibliotherapists and sports therapists, are invited to join and report on successful, innovative projects and events in this field.

Whether you are giving or receiving information on this website, we hope you find new people and practical resources around the world that help bring the human back into health.

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International Health Humanities Conference 2014


FINAL CALL Traumatextualities: Trauma in the clinical, arts and humanities contexts
5th - 7th September, 2014, University of Nottingham, UK

Following the huge success of the 2010 and 2012 IHHN conferences in Nottingham and New Jersey (USA), Nottingham Health Humanities and the ICSPCRR (International Consortium for the Study of Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation) are pleased to announce the 3rd IHHN conference, to be held in Nottingham.

With the centenary of WW1, the occasion to reflect on the broader realities of conflicts and their traumas is of paramount importance. We are looking for papers that will engage with the topics of war, conflict, trauma, PTSD, among others, in a diverse array of contexts, past or present, military and non-military. Papers should have an interdisciplinary approach and serve as the interface between Health and Humanities contexts.

We seek submission of abstracts for 20-30 minutes presentations on, but not limited to:

  • Trauma in Literature and the arts
  • PTSD
  • History of Conflict and War
  • Individual experiences of trauma in arts, texts and humanities
  • General Health Humanities themed papers.

Please submit proposals to: charlotte.l.baker@nottingham.ac.uk by 30th July

  • Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • The  institue of mental health nottingham
  • National Institute of Health
  • Centre for Advanced Studies
  • The University of Nottingham United Kingdom China Malaysia
  • De Montfort University Leicester
  • OPPNET Basic Behaviour & Social Science Opportunity Network