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Music Therapy for Parents and Children with Special Needs: Being Together and Playing Together

“Being Together and Playing Together” is a pilot project that provides music therapy services to parents and children with special needs in the deprived areas of East London/West Essex. Commissioned by the Epping Forest Children’s Centers, and in partnership with other local government agencies, “Being Together and Playing Together” seeks to create and sustain a community support network to reduce isolation and depression in parents of children with special needs, while also encouraging the use of music making for children with these needs as a way of self-expression and social development.

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A narrative exploration of the relationship between reading literature and poetry and ethical practice: narratives of student nurses and nurse educators

Professional health care education in ethics often centres upon considering perceived ethical problems or dilemmas in clinical practice utilising external and deductive tools such as ethical principles (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice), ethical guidelines and codes of professional conduct. Engagement with the arts and humanities offers a different perspective centring on a teleological ethic characterised by attention to ends (e.g. human flourishing), cultivation of virtue, the telling of narrative, recognising relationality and acknowledging contextual factors.

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Arts in the Institute

Since 2009, the Institute of Mental Health has supported a programme of arts activities. These include a rolling programme of visual arts exhibitions in conjunction with City Arts in the Institute's offices focussing on mental health themes such as voices, diversity and identity.

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Rhythm for Life: Music Making and Wellbeing Enhancement for Older Adults

The Rhythm for Life project has aimed to enhance wellbeing among older adults through the implementation and evaluation of creative music making initiatives. Run from the Royal College of Music’s (RCM) Centre for Performance Science, the project facilitated music learning opportunities for over 100 adults between 2010 and 2012, all of which were delivered by specially-trained and supported RCM students. Adult learners, aged 50 years and over, participated in free 10-week programmes designed for musical beginners, including one-to-one instrumental lessons in learners’ homes, small-group instrumental lessons in community spaces, and large-group creative music workshops. 

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Supported reporting of lived experience of people with mental illness

People with mental health challenges and others involved in their lives may benefit from reporting - writing and then possibly publishing - their lived experience. We describe a process to support such reporting.

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