International Platform 1: Harvard University/ Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, US)

Project Overview

This work related to Theme 4 International Perspectives on Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery

Purpose: This theme incorporates an initial scoping of international perspectives on creative practice as mutual recovery.  The US is a strategically important and influential region and a research team at Harvard University/ Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry was invited to explore the status of ‘mutual recovery’ in relation to creative practice approaches in mental health. 

This project was funded by University of Nottingham.  It will contribute to Theme 1 of the larger programme and feed into the overall synthesis of findings.

WP 4.1 (Beresin): Creative Practice as Mutual recovery in US – will provide an initial review and scoping of research and practices relevant to a. visual and performing arts and b. literature and narrative. Methods: workshops and literature review.

Project Start Date: Tuesday 1st January 2013 Project End Date: Monday 1st December 2014

Contact Information

Dr. Eugene Beresin
The Clay Center for Young Health Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital.
One Bowdoin Square
7th Floor Room 734,
Boston, MA 02114.


Related Humanities Subjects

  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Poetry

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