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The Birth Project | Researching the birth event through visual methods

Posted on Thursday 19th December 2013 by IHHN Admin

The Birth Project is now recruiting MOTHERS and MIDWIVES (student, practising, retired) to join research workshops to explore their experiences of birth. We are looking for participants who have had difficult experiences of birth, and who are interested in exploring their experiences creatively. Workshops to start in February 2014 in Sheffield, UK. Please email or call/text 07954 410 624 if you are interested:

The Birth Project: Researching the birth event through visual methods

We are looking for women who have given birth in the past 5 years to be part of creative 12 workshops running over 12 weeks exploring their birth experience. This research will explore difficult experiences of birth using a variety of creative activities that will be facilitated in a group* setting.

A grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Research Council UK has been secured for a two-year project looking at the use of various art forms in exploring experiences of birth led by Professor Susan Hogan.

This project will use participatory arts and visual methods to explore childbirth, including work with mothers, birth partners, and birth professionals. The project will include performance-based installation work, phototherapy, art elicitation and photography.

We are asking people who would like to get involved to contribute to a series of creative workshops with a facilitator to explore their birth experiences which will inform the wider research. There are separate groups for mothers, birth-partners, and professionals.

Discussions and art work created are intended to be shared between the workshops and will be shown in an exhibition. As part of the research there will also be some filming of the later workshops which will be made into a documentary film that will be shown at the end of project.

Find out more at:

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