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Sarah Atkins

Dr Sarah Atkins is a post-doctoral Research Fellow in the School of English, University of Nottingham, funded by and Economic and Social Research Council 'Future Research Leaders' grant. Her work investigates language and professional communication, primarily in healthcare settings, with an emphasis on applying findings into practice. She has conducted research with the Royal College of General Practitioners and emergency care providers, looking at how communication skills are assessed through the use of simulation.

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Lynn Aulich

I trained as a sculptor, then as an Art Psychotherapist and have practiced as an art Psychotherapist for 25 years working with young people with mental health emotional and bahavioural problems in secure care. I am one of Tea, a collective of four, now three artists who work together on public art projects.( ). I am very interested in all the arts and their capacity to express and contain the human condition. I am fighting to keep the arts and the arts therapies alive in the units where I work against the increasing persecution of the medical model.

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Solange Ayache

Solange Ayache obtained her PhD in English literature from Paris-Sorbonne University and the University of Sheffield in 2017. In her thesis, entitled “‘In-Yer-Head’ Theatre: Staging the Mind in Contemporary British Drama. Towards a Quantum Psychopoetics of the Stage”, she examined the poetic modalities through which a number of British plays from the past two decades explore mental spaces, from traumatic mindscapes to psychological and neurological disorders, and paradoxically renew stage realism using quantum theories as metaphors. She has shared her work on contemporary theatre in international conference papers and articles published in peer-reviewed journals. She has taught in French, British and American universities, and currently holds a temporary teaching position in a middle school in Versailles, France for the year 2017-18.

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Simone Bacchini

In 2012 I was awarded a doctorate in linguistics by Queen Mary, University of London. The title of my thesis was : "Telling Pain: a study of the linguistic encoding of chronic pain and illness through the lexicogrammar of Italian." My research interests are: health communication, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and systemic functional grammar.

I am currently working as a content specialist at the British Libray.  


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Sarah Badcock

I completed my joint honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Roman Civilisation at the University of Leeds in 1995. I was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) to complete my Masters and PhD theses at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Durham. I was awarded a Leverhulme Study Abroad Studentship in 2000, and spent 2001 living in the cities of Kazan, NIzhnii Novogorod, Kazan and St. Petersburg. I was appointed to my post here at Nottingham in January 2002, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007.

I am co-editor of the journal Revolutionary Russia

My research focuses on Russia in the late Imperial and revolutionary periods. I am interested in comparative perspectives on questions of punishment, free and unfree labour, and penal cultures.

I spent several years working on ordinary people's experiences of the Russian revolution. This research culminated in a book published by Cambridge University Press in 2007, Politics and the People; A provincial history.

I am currently working on a book contracted by Oxford University Press entitled Siberia as place of punishment in late Imperial Russia. This work includes a chapter on sickness and health. 

I am involved in collaborations with the National Trust property The Workhouse at Southwell, the Galleries of Justice museum, and with Tania McIntosh, from Midwifery at University of Nottingham. We hope to develop a project working with the NCT. 

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Charley Baker

Charley Baker

Charley Baker is a Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Nottingham where she teaches mental health nursing students at both Diploma/BSc level and on the Graduate Entry Nursing programme.

Charley is lead author on the co-authored monograph, Madness in Post-1945 British and American Fiction (Palgrave, 2010).She was invited contributor and literary advisor for a psychiatry textbook, Psychiatry PRN (Oxford University Press 2009), has had a chapter on rape in Angela Carter's fiction published by Rodopi in Ethics and Trauma in Contemporary British Fiction, and contributes regularly for journals such as Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. She is currently working on a collection of narratives on self harm.

Charley is co-founder of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded international Madness and Literature Network and International Health Humanities Network

She has a BA and MA in literature and is working on her PhD on psychosis and postmodernism at Royal Holloway, University of London. During her studies, Charley worked in both community adult and inpatient adolescent mental health for the NHS.

Charley is Associate Editor of Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Charley has been awarded Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health. She also serves on the Editorial Board for Journal of Medical Humanities.

She has spoken at an international level on issues of representations of mental illness in literature, and also has research interests in self harm, suicide, 'personality disorders' and the therapeutic use of reading.

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Mohan Raj Balasundaram

Name: Mohan Raj

Education: MBA

Job: Working in Alcon India(Novartis Company)


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Claudia Bang

PhD in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Master of International Public Health (National School of Public Health, Madrid, Spain) and Psychologist.

Principio del formulario

My professional experience is focused on the research of practices and devices that articulate mental health and Comprehensive Primary Health Care, from a perspective grounded in Human Rights Final del formulario. Many of these experiences use art and play as collective creative practices in community work, reflecting a close relationship between art, health and wellbeing.

I have participated in the development and implementation of participatory practices of art, creativity and play in the field of community mental health promotion. On this tour we have developed conceptual and technical tools for the implementation of creative devices based on community participation, working for the development of mental health networks in Argentina.

I have participated in numerous action-research projects, focused on technical cooperation in health services and transfer of knowledge in different academic areas, training professionals for the inclusion of artistic and creative strategies as tools for health care humanization. Numerous publications in scientific international journals and participation in international congresses.

Currently I am teacher and researcher in the Department of Public and Mental Health, School of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, and in the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Carolyn Barber

Founder of the Good Mental Health Cooperative

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sarah Barber

I am a Nurse Specialist in HIV currently studying for a Masters in professional practice. I have an interest in creative writing as a way to reflect and promote compassion in practice. I am keen to network with those with similar interests and discusss how we can increase the awareness and understanding of the value of creative wiriting outsied the academic setting for those already working in clinical practice. My particular interest is to see this expanded much more within nursing.

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