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Charley Baker

Charley Baker

Charley Baker is a Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Nottingham where she teaches mental health nursing students at both Diploma/BSc level and on the Graduate Entry Nursing programme.

Charley is lead author on the co-authored monograph, Madness in Post-1945 British and American Fiction (Palgrave, 2010).She was invited contributor and literary advisor for a psychiatry textbook, Psychiatry PRN (Oxford University Press 2009), has had a chapter on rape in Angela Carter's fiction published by Rodopi in Ethics and Trauma in Contemporary British Fiction, and contributes regularly for journals such as Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. She is currently working on a collection of narratives on self harm.

Charley is co-founder of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded international Madness and Literature Network and International Health Humanities Network

She has a BA and MA in literature and is working on her PhD on psychosis and postmodernism at Royal Holloway, University of London. During her studies, Charley worked in both community adult and inpatient adolescent mental health for the NHS.

Charley is Associate Editor of Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Charley has been awarded Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health. She also serves on the Editorial Board for Journal of Medical Humanities.

She has spoken at an international level on issues of representations of mental illness in literature, and also has research interests in self harm, suicide, 'personality disorders' and the therapeutic use of reading.

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Mohan Raj Balasundaram

Name: Mohan Raj

Education: MBA

Job: Working in Alcon India(Novartis Company)


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Claudia Bang

PhD in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Master of International Public Health (National School of Public Health, Madrid, Spain) and Psychologist.

Principio del formulario

My professional experience is focused on the research of practices and devices that articulate mental health and Comprehensive Primary Health Care, from a perspective grounded in Human Rights Final del formulario. Many of these experiences use art and play as collective creative practices in community work, reflecting a close relationship between art, health and wellbeing.

I have participated in the development and implementation of participatory practices of art, creativity and play in the field of community mental health promotion. On this tour we have developed conceptual and technical tools for the implementation of creative devices based on community participation, working for the development of mental health networks in Argentina.

I have participated in numerous action-research projects, focused on technical cooperation in health services and transfer of knowledge in different academic areas, training professionals for the inclusion of artistic and creative strategies as tools for health care humanization. Numerous publications in scientific international journals and participation in international congresses.

Currently I am teacher and researcher in the Department of Public and Mental Health, School of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, and in the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Carolyn Barber

Founder of the Good Mental Health Cooperative

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sarah Barber

I am a Nurse Specialist in HIV currently studying for a Masters in professional practice. I have an interest in creative writing as a way to reflect and promote compassion in practice. I am keen to network with those with similar interests and discusss how we can increase the awareness and understanding of the value of creative wiriting outsied the academic setting for those already working in clinical practice. My particular interest is to see this expanded much more within nursing.

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Josephine Bardi

Josephine Bardi is a UK registered Mental Health Nursr with an MSc in Public Health. She is a recipient of the 2015 ESRC DTC studentship in Mental Health and Wellbeing at the University of Nottingham. Josephine is keen on qualitative research, mixed method research methods, systematic review, health promotion and community development.

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Rogers Bariyo

I have recently gained much interest of healthcare research. I want to like healthcare research with traditional humanities.

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Heike Bartel

Heike Bartel is Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Nottingham (since 2000) with a strong interest in representation of mental health issues in literature and culture. Her work has a strong comparative and interdisciplinary angle.

She has published widely on the mythical figure of Medea, the infamous infanticidal mother, and on representations of 'mad' ('black') mothers in literature and culture.

She is currently working on a project entitled 'Hungry for Words' researching the interrelationship between food, culture, power and language. She is coordinator of an interdisciplinary working group that engages with male anorexia and is looking to establish a wider network on this theme. Her contact details and list of publication can be found on the website of the University of Nottingham (go to Department of German > staff > Bartel).  

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Ken Bartlett

Creative Director of Foundation for Community Dance.

Foundation for Community Dance is the professional organisation for anyone involved in creating opportunities for people to experience and participate in dance.

The benefits of dance to a person's health and wellbeing have been recognised within community dance for many years. is a growing and developing knowledge bank for you about many aspects of dance and the contribution it makes to health education, health care, teaching new ways to live, managing illness, and community development. In the light of the increased interest and profile of dance approaches to supporting people with Parkinson's Disease and dementia, we have included specific sections that recognise the growing interest in these fields. It is our intention as work in other clinical areas is developed to profile those areas as well.

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Anne Basting

Anne Basting (Ph.D.) is an educator, scholar, and artist whose work focuses on the potential for the arts and humanities to improve our quality of life as communities and individuals. For over 15 years, Basting has developed and researched methods for embedding the arts into long-term care, with a particular focus on people with cognitive disabilities like dementia. Basting is author of numerous articles and two books, Forget Memory: Creating better lives for people with dementia (2009) and The Stages of Age: Performing Age in Contemporary American Culture. Basting is the recipient of a Rockefeller Fellowship, a Brookdale National Fellowship, and numerous major grants. She is author and/or producer of nearly a dozen plays and public performances, including Finding Penelope (2011), a play inspired by a year of intergenerational conversations about the myth of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, and professionally staged throughout Luther Manor, a long term care facility in Wisconsin.

     Basting holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota, and a Masters in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin. She founded and directs the award-winning TimeSlips Creative Storytelling, which replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom of imagination for people with memory loss. TimeSlips’ interactive website (, features a prompt library of over 100 images and questions, and bringing creative engagement to elders and their families wherever they live. 

     Basting gives keynote addresses across the world on the power and potential of creative engagement.  Basting was Founding Director of UWM's Center on Age and Community from 2003 to 2013, where she fostered partnerships between scholars, students, and service providers, and translated applied research into innovative educational tools including manuals, films, and social media.  In 2013, Basting returned to the Department of Theatre to focus on integrating her research and creative practice into teaching. Her teaching focus includes Performing Community, Playwriting, Storytelling, Play Analysis, and Creative Engagement in Health Settings.  She is working toward a moment when the arts are an integral element in our care systems.

     Currently, Basting is co-editing the book Playing Penelope, due out from University of Iowa Press in 2016, and co-writing and directing Slightly Bigger Women, a play inspired by the question - what has changed since Little Women's Jo March dared to dream of becoming a writer?  And what still needs to change?  She continues to facilitate and grow The Creative Trust Milwaukee, an alliance to foster life-long learning through the arts.  She lives in Milwaukee with husband Brad Lichtenstein and their two rambunctious boys Ben and Will.

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