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'Performing Bedside for Children in Hospital'

Bedside Theatre for hosptialiszed children is a 2 year practice-based research developed within Newman University Drama Department, CADLab. It is being undertaken at Birmingham Children's Hospital, NHS Trust, on the impact of bedside theatre performance on hospitalised children's well-being. It examines the process of creating theatre for children who suffer from cancer and cardiac problems, connecting with the hospital and working within the hospital tight routines, dealing with ethics, working with theatre artists and performing to children bedside. It also reports on evidence collected by questionnaire and interviews about the perceived benefits of bedside theatre by children and their parent/carers. Evidence shows that Bedside Theatre can help children relax and hold hospital stress such as pre and post operative anxiety more lightly. It distracts children's mind from their illness and gives them something to discuss with their families. Theatre can do more than entertainment in hospital as it comforts children and their parents. Parents of children in the cancer ward appreciate Bedside Theatre as most suitable to the needs of the patients.

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