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Confluence: Medical Humanities Lecture Series of UCMS, Delhi

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University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), Delhi was the first medical school in India to inculcate humanities among medical students, as well as among teaching and non-teaching staff, in the form of a ‘Medical Humanities Group (MHG)’. Initially the activities were directed towards sharing literature on medical humanities, with a bias to our own culture; these include poetry in the Indian languages (Hindi) initially. Student-led meetings in faculty presence were held during lunchtime in the inaugural year. From the second year of conception, ‘Confluence’ was contrived as a colloquium whereby art and medicine could be discussed and appreciated in togetherness. It began as a lecture series comprising of eminent guest lectures.

Full Impact Narrative

The target population includes doctors, medical students, paramedical staff, nurses and technicians. We expect that this would in turn perk up their communication skills and lead to a better understanding of disease suffering. In an effort to integrate it into the current social and educational system, we have begun a series of lectures under the name “Confluence.” Six events under this series have been conducted till date. The events are conducted during lunch hour so that maximum number of people may be involved without disrupting daily work. These events include five interactive lectures, one street play and two exhibitions by the medical students

  • Confluence-I: The Doctor is in talk by Prof RL Bijlani (former HOD Physiology, AIIMS) and arts exhibition (Four seasons & a campus) by Dr Apurba Rajbongshi (Senior resident, Pathology, UCMS) on 27 Jan 2010
  • Confluence-II: Faith under the scalpel by Sanal Edamaruku (President, Rationalist International) on 25 Feb 2010
  • Confluence-III (Street theatre) Academic Induced Degenerative Syndrome (A.I.D.S) by 3rd and 4th semester students of UCMS  on 31 March 2010
  • Confluence-IV: Communication with the grass roots by Prof CJ Daswani (Linguist, International Instt of Adult & Life Long Learning, former Provost, JNU) on 28 Apr 2010
  • Confluence-V: A day for Tibet (Interactive talk, documentary and photo exhibition) by Indo-Tibet Coordination Office and Mr Vijay Kranti (noted journalist on Tibetan & Indo Sino issues) on 14 Sept 2010 (Hindi divas)
  • Confluence-VI: Broadening horizons: Looking beyond disability by Madhu Bala Sharma (President award winner under role model category), 8 Nov 2011

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Medical Humanities Group

Medical Education Unit

University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi

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