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Supported reporting of lived experience of people with mental illness

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People with mental health challenges and others involved in their lives may benefit from reporting - writing and then possibly publishing - their lived experience. We describe a process to support such reporting.

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People with mental health challenges have rich life experiences. Expressing these life experiences in writing, and possibly publishing them, may benefit them, as well as others involved with their lives, e.g,. in learning from their successes and challenges. Some of these individuals may need help in these activities, partly due to lack of experience in writing narratives and publishing them. We piloted (Rofe 2009; Scotti 2009) and then reported (Rudnick, 2011) a process to provide such support. The process involves a collaboration between a content expert (an interested person with a mental health challenge) and a process expert (a clinical-academic professional or someone else with relevant writing and possibly also publishing expericene) and includes three principal stages: 1. establishing a collaboration, 2. planning the report, 3. writing and possibly (re)submiting the report (which, surprisingly or not, is not - and perhaps cannot be - very structured, as part of it requires a creative act). Such supported reporting requires further study.


Rofe T. Metaphorical stories for education about mental health challenges and stigma. Schizophrenia Bulleting 2009; 35:473-475.

Rudnick A. Supported reporting of first person accounts: assisting people who have mental health challenges in writing and publishing reports about their lived experience. Schizophrenia Bulletin 2011; 37:879-881.

Scotti P. Recovery as discovery. Schizophrenia Bulletin 2009; 35:844-846.

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Dr. Abraham Rudnick


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