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The public health and social justice website can be found at:  or

The website contains articles and open-access slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in public health and social justice, along with hundreds of external links. There is significant content focusing on the medical humanities on the "Literature, Medicine, and Public Health" page at

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The site is aimed at students, educators, activists, and the general public. It grew out of my recognition that medical, and even nursing and public health, schools tend to inadequately address the social, economic, environmental, human rights, and cultural contributors to health and disease. 

Feel free to use information from the articles and slide shows, indeed even the slides themselves, with appropriate citation. It is my hope that this information can be disseminated widely, influencing current and future generations of health professionals and others concerned about creating a more just and peaceful world.

I have been adding slide shows, syllabi, and articles from other individuals working in this area. Please email me any content you would be willing to share, along with comments, corrections, and suggestions re my content.

My goal is to create an on-line clearinghouse for information and curricular materials re public health and social justice, and eventually to develop an annual, week-long colloquium/training, run by experts in their fields, for health professionals, students, and others interested in becoming social justice advocates.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact me

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Contact Information

Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Community Health, Portland State University

Member, Social Justice Committee, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Member, Board of Advisors, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Senior Physician, Internal Medicine, Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center

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