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Theatre for Children in Hospital. The Gift of Compassion.

I am delighted to share the news about the recent publication of my new book 'Theatre for Children in Hospital. The Gift of Compassion" (Intellect, December 15th 2016) with the IHHN members. The book presents a 5-year theatre research study with children and their families in hospitals in W. Midlands in the U.K. Detailed examples of everyday artistic practice in hospital, vibrant dialogues between children as audiences and actors as visitors in the medical world, incidents of breath-taking theatrical experiences in children's wards (paediatrics, cardiac, oncology and intensive care units) and, evidence of the impact of bedside theatre on child emotional and social wellbeing during their stay in hospital make this book unique. Now that I am reading it, I feel that I have been truthful to myself while writing it. I also feel that I represent the truths of my actors, volunteers and audiences, including children, their families, nursing staff and arts managers in hospitals. Of course, I may be biased and therefore, I would love to hear from you, the readers, about your impressions, views, and opinions. My contact is 

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