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Migrant Nurses and Language in Australia

The aim of this project is to understand the scope and scale of problems facing migrant nurses in meeting the English standards for registration in Australia.


Findings may be used to improve the registration process of migrant nurses in the design of more effective, professionally directed methods of English language testing and education.


This will contribute to an improvement in the experience of gaining registration for NESB nurses as well as being more effectively language-ready upon gaining employment post-registration and the reduction of the economic, social and personal difficulties faced by NESB nurses.


The findings could also inform other health professions encountering similar issues with their English testing processes for migrants.


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Arts and Humanities Research Council Workshop on Impact of Applied Linguistics in Healthcare, Venue: Institute of Mental Health

Venue: Institute of Mental Health, Jubilee Campus, The University of Nottingham
Date: 26th January 2013

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  • Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • The  institue of mental health nottingham
  • National Institute of Health
  • Centre for Advanced Studies
  • The University of Nottingham United Kingdom China Malaysia
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