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Piano Moves

A dance performance by 3rd Stage Dance Company concentrating on piano studies by composers such as Scolding, Turner, Debussy, Schuman and Sculthorpe.

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How are you feeling? A community poetry project for stroke survivors in Sussex

This community poetry project focused on the thoughts and behaviours evoked by having and recovering from a stroke, in order to shape positive healing, adjustment and supportive community among stroke survivors and their relatives and carers. After initial planning in 2010, a project team consisting of a St.Leonards-based performance poet and three academic staff from the University of Brighton secured access to several stroke clubs in Sussex in 2011.

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  • Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • The  institue of mental health nottingham
  • National Institute of Health
  • Centre for Advanced Studies
  • The University of Nottingham United Kingdom China Malaysia
  • De Montfort University Leicester
  • OPPNET Basic Behaviour & Social Science Opportunity Network