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Curie Scott

Curie Scott

Curie Scott is a lecturer, coach, painter and origami artist. She trained as a medical doctor with an additional pharmacology degree before moving into Health Professional Education. From her 16 years’ experience, she puts a high value on the bringing together of insights from disciplines to enhance education and research. Curie’s use of interactive creative teaching practices led to a University Teaching Award. Other awards have enabled her to live in Brazil for a month to view nursing education practice; run a national workshop for the Higher Education Academy and present at conferences internationally. She is an international fellow of the England Centre for Practice Development.

Curie is interested in embodied cognition, the co-construction of knowledge via making, visual research methodologies, and medical/ health humanities. For her PhD, she designed a Drawing Programme where Health Professional students and people over 60 came together to draw, discuss and reflect on their future ageing. Non-representational drawing enabled participants to interrogate their previously un-critiqued assumptions or “truths” which they had absorbed from their surrounding culture about both drawing and ageing. She is intrigued by what creative making processes bring for adults.

Arts-based processes provoke different types of knowing that are more established in creative disciplines but less readily acknowledged or accepted across academic disciplines. In her current role within Education, Curie facilitates creative workshops for teaching, research and staff development. Examples include collages to develop research questions with doctoral students; projective timelines for future professional development; and community drawing projects. She was on television, on Make Craft Britain, a programme which supports the making process. She launched a successful discussion and drawing group, Drawing Edges, that brought drawing practitioners, academics and researchers together. They exhibited work in a pop-up exhibition alongside the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize.  She is on the organising committee of the International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education.

Curie is convinced that though many readily say they “can’t draw” or “are not creative” there is much to be gained by re-engaging with our surroundings through creative methods that align well with health humanities.

  • Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • The  institue of mental health nottingham
  • National Institute of Health
  • Centre for Advanced Studies
  • The University of Nottingham United Kingdom China Malaysia
  • De Montfort University Leicester
  • OPPNET Basic Behaviour & Social Science Opportunity Network