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Confluence: Medical Humanities Lecture Series of UCMS, Delhi

University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), Delhi was the first medical school in India to inculcate humanities among medical students, as well as among teaching and non-teaching staff, in the form of a ‘Medical Humanities Group (MHG)’. Initially the activities were directed towards sharing literature on medical humanities, with a bias to our own culture; these include poetry in the Indian languages (Hindi) initially. Student-led meetings in faculty presence were held during lunchtime in the inaugural year. From the second year of conception, ‘Confluence’ was contrived as a colloquium whereby art and medicine could be discussed and appreciated in togetherness. It began as a lecture series comprising of eminent guest lectures.

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One Step at a Time, by Emily Allchurch and rb&hArts; - a visual art commission for Royal Brompton Hospital

One Step at a Time was inspired and funded by the family and friends of Andrew James, a long term adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) patient to whose memory the work is dedicated. After Andrew’s death in 2007, his family chose to put money from his memorial fund towards commissioned works of art for the ward on which he spent so much time. The project took place in 2011-12.

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Imagined Landscapes - Performance and composition residency with Firefly Burning and rb&hArts;, Royal Brompton Hospital, Jan – March 2013

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To engage people spending time on the adult surgical wards at Royal Brompton Hospital in a songwriting process, resulting in new musical material and culminating in the public performance and recording of this material. By providing the opportunity to work alongside professional musicians, rb&hArts aimed not only to relieve some of the stress and boredom of the hospital environment, but to facilitate the creation of high-quality compositions, sensitively incorporating participants’ creative input.

During this project, Firefly Burning worked in two distinct ways: performance, and composition. Both were intended to be as interactive as possible. One of the key aims was to experiment with these different ways of working to discover which was the most valuable in the hospital environment.

rb&hArts’ annual music programme funded the project, which served as a pilot for a longer music residency that would require dedicated project funding.

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